Thursday, January 17, 2008

Race Horse Winning #1

What is the key to race horse winning; knowledge. If I'm going to be a player in race horse winning I need to study; people who excel in the art of race horse winning, publications with a good reputation on race horse winning, purchase a system or maybe the school of hard knocks - get yourself to the track and immerse yourself in the culture that surrounds race horse winning.

Race Horse Winning - I had an Uncle and Aunt who owned race horses at the old Longacres in Seattle. She was a wealth of odds & ends when it came to race horse winning. Her favorite thing was the running time of the race; a good turn time-wise was always noted in her 'little black book'. She spent everyday at the track and so honed her race horse winning skills by observation of trainer/jockey maneuverer's.

Race Horse Winning - God only knows how many systems I have purchased. I started about 1973 with a slim book written by a professed insider of race horse winning. It didn't produce many winners but was a valuable intro to the elements of race horse winning. I added to my knowledge yearly purchasing other books & systems that promised riches to the one who mastered their elements of race horse winning. Into the age of computers systems waxed eloquent about the hundreds of hours spent inputting the info producing their outstanding method of race horse winning.

Race Horse Winning - What is your race horse winning story? What amounts of time & money have you invested to tap the potential that the 'sport of kings' holds out to those who seek race horse winning glory? I still go to the track, now Emerald Downs in Seattle, seeking the race horse winning story I can share. I watch the tote board, using an olde system of pool ratios to tap into the race horse winning potential. What is my current luck/skill at race horse winning? Actually not bad. I have the ability to pick the place animal 7 of 10 races and my race horse winning purse is heavier when I leave. Would I like to make a living at race horse winning? Would a steady stream of race horse winning cash brighten my life? You bet your race horse winning bippy it would! And so this blog is dedicated to all who seek such a dream. May race horse winning glory shine on you.

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Monday, January 14, 2008

RaceHorse Winning - Jan2008

Welcome to RaceHorse Winning. A site that lets fellow punters share what works, doesn't work and what RaceHorse Winning frustations you may want to share. Comments about this can be directed at